Apple‘ success in the VR market

Apple’s launch of the headset for VR is another major stepping stone towards metaverse in general use. This technology has the unique purpose of bringing AR to everyday consumers. Apple has done a remarkable job of bringing VR to consumers through clear marketing tactics. Its entry into the VR market will for sure be a huge leap for the overall market.

High-definition screens in front of your eyes will transfer you to the AR world. Users will be able to interact with the real world and have a glimpse of the AR technology. This is huge news for the whole Metaverse industry because we see a pattern in our future.

The first glimpse of VR as a potential market was when Facebook rebranded itself to Meta. Since then, the market hasn’t thrived even with the successful VR software companies. Current VR headsets on the market are estimated to be worth around 6500$. Apple’s leap in the industry exceeds the overall value and achievements by introducing a 4K resolution screen and a powerful chip inside. Of course, this kind of technology sets a hefty price tag.

Apple’s introduction into the VR market is the first step towards mass usage of VR headsets. The goal is to use the headsets in our daily lives, to have them as a support for contextual information. This is big news for the whole industry because Apple doesn’t join any industry, they always make sure it leads to success and profit.

Apple is great at taking existing ideas and making them into major success stories. Take the iPod as a perfect example, before its release there were serval MP3 players on the market, but none were as successful as the iPod.

Apple succeeds by investing always in marketing to explain to their future consumers why they should buy their gadgets. Their marketing language is spectacular because it is so easy to understand. This is why Apple will probably be the first company that clearly explain the difference between augmented and mixed reality. Once consumers understand it, they will for sure want it.

This will be a big jump towards planning 3D virtual events on a whole other level. Imagine having AR headsets while having your 3D meeting.