Case Studies

Fashion Industry

Fashion industry isn’t limited to only in-person events. There is a whole new range of opportunities with emergence of new technology. Nowadays, companies in the fashion industry can successfully launch their new collections or runaway shows fully online. This can
be easily done with the help of Virtual Event Platforms.

Pharma Global Product Launch

Nowadays, pharma companies want to maximize their new drug sales, but the companies mentioned struggle with achieving this goal. With the supply chain management issues, current political situation and the pandemic, their resources are tightened, and the market is uncertain.

Innovations in Insurance Sector

The insurance sector is not usually considered an industry for extensive innovation. Insurers are currently on a path to rapid digitalization for their customers and agent experience. Still, it is very hard to implement innovation in the insurance sector because it must be properly systemized.

University Job Fair for students

Almost all students want to get employed by a good company during their studies and of course afterwards. Nowadays, for universities to get recognized among their competition they need to help their students with their future endeavors.

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