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Looking for a unique way to hold your next event? AVIANET has the ideal solution – the Virtual Event Platform (VEP). This innovative platform enables businesses, organizations and institutions to hold virtual events that are engaging and productive for professionals with different backgrounds. Attendees can participate from any location, at any time and have all the necessary data available on their screens.

The VEP is a powerful communication tool that combines the best of different technologies such as web and telepresence-based conferencing, live broadcasting and webcasting into one platform. Hold your next event with ease using the unique service from AVIANET.

Event solutions for every type of organization

Virtual Event Platform 2D

AVIANET’s platform transforms 2D virtual event hosting with customizable modules, live support, and user-friendly design. It’s an affordable solution that delivers high-quality visuals, social media connectivity, and innovative presentation methods to engage your audience effectively. Elevate your business events with AVIANET’s reliable and dynamic platform.

Virtual Event Platform 3D

AVIANET’s 3D Virtual Event Platform is an innovative solution that elevates your events with immersive technology. It allows for easy avatar customization and exploration of a virtual world filled with possibilities. Engage with attendees, view exhibits, and navigate the space effortlessly because of its intuitive design.

Overview of all modules for virtual event platforms

Branding Brochure Stand Download Center Live Video Matchmaking Tool Presentation/Video Screen Sharing Branding Chat Live Streaming Live Video Polling & Rating Presentation/Video Q&A Screen Sharing Unlimited Audience Booths Event Store Event Survey Information Desk Leaderboard Live Chat Multi Language Profile Promo Video Schedule Tracking Search Feature Branding Chat Live Streaming Live Video Polling & Rating Presentation/Video Q&A Screen Sharing Unlimited Audience Up to 30 Panelists Branding Chat Polling & Rating Q&A Pre-recorded Presentation Pre-recorded Video Branding Chat Live Video Polling & Rating Presentation/Video Promo Video Screen Sharing Up to 30 Participants Whiteboard for Notes Audio/Video Calls Booths Branding Brochure Stands Company Info File Downloads Live Chat Polling & Rating Presentation/Video Screen Sharing AVIANET VIRTUAL EVENT PLATFORM LIVE PANEL DISCUSSION ON-DEMAND AUDITORIUM EVENT HALL EXHIBITION HALL MEETING ROOM LIVE AUDITORIUM VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE 4 5 6 7 1 2 3

AVIANET VEP - a single solution in multiple event formats

Fashion Industry Events

Fashion industry events, such as new collection launches or runway shows, can be hosted fully online using AVIANET VEP. Our platform allows companies in the fashion industry to engage with a global audience and showcase their latest designs and trends.

Pharmaceutical Global Product Launches

Pharma companies can maximize new drug sales by organizing virtual product launches. AVIANET VEP provides a solution to navigate supply chain challenges, political uncertainties, and restrictions while reaching a wide audience.

University Job Fairs for Students

Universities can enhance their reputation by organizing virtual job fairs for students. AVIANET VEP facilitates connections between students and potential employers, helping students secure employment during and after their studies.

Product Launches

Whether it’s a soft launch with limited features or a full-scale product release, AVIANET VEP provides a platform to engage with a targeted audience. Showcase your product, interact with attendees, and create excitement around your offerings.

Training Workshops (2D or 3D)

Elevate your team’s skills by organizing dynamic and interactive training workshops within the virtual event platform. Whether in a 2D or 3D environment, AVIANET VEP supports effective learning and team-building experiences.


Create immersive online broadcasting experiences with webinars. Engage your audience through both audio and visual elements, making learning and information-sharing more impactful.

Whiteboard Sessions

Use whiteboard sessions for brainstorming, design thinking workshops, SWOT analyses, or collaborative planning. AVIANET VEP provides a versatile space for creative discussions.

Corporate Meetings

Conduct regular team meetings, departmental updates, or town hall sessions virtually. Utilize features like screen sharing, chat, and polls to enhance engagement and alignment among employees.

Panel Discussions

Curate panel discussions on industry topics, encouraging diverse perspectives. Live chat, polls, and real-time questions enhance audience engagement during these thought-provoking sessions.

Press Conferences

Announce company news, product launches, or major announcements to the press and media. AVIANET VEP provides access to executives for interviews and efficient distribution of press materials.

Hackathons and Coding Competitions

Foster innovation and collaboration among developers by hosting coding competitions or hackathons. AVIANET VEP offers tools for participants to build and showcase their projects, with prizes and recognition for outstanding contributions.

Award Ceremonies

Recognize achievements, milestones, or contributions within your organization or industry. Engage attendees through live presentations, acceptance speeches, and interactive voting.

Tools & Features

2D Virtual Event Platform

  • Event Hall
  • Auditorium
  • Webcast/Webinar
  • Round Table
  • One-to-One
  • Exhibition Area
  • On-Demand Presentation
  • Event Web-Page

3D Virtual Event Platform

  • 360° virtual world
  • Customize avatars
  • Explore event spaces like in 2D
  • Live chat
  • Video calls
  • Q&A sessions
  • Polling and Rating
  • Gamification

Further Additions

  • Networking pan-event
  • Branding for sponsors, exhibitors, and partners.
  • Maintaining brand identity
  • Technical assistance
  • Seamlessly combined virtual and in-person experiences
  • High-quality graphics, animation effects, and social media integration.

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