Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there limitations to the events?

    For the 2D event platform there are no limitations for events, and the 3D event platform can host up to 1000 users.

    Do I get support setting up my event on the platform?

    Users are provided full 24/7 customer support from the beginning of setting up the event toward having technical support during the whole event and ending with the finishing event analytics. If customer has any questions during the whole process our team is always available to help.

    We see you offer 2 types of virtual event platforms, 2D & 3D. What is the difference between 2D and 3D platform?

    For 2D events the users only need to log in with their browsers and the view is in one direction. 2D users have the opportunity to experience event features as they would in in-person events. However, in 3D events the users have also the option to experience the 360° view of the event, communicate with other participants and walk around with their fully customisable avatar.

    How much does it cost to have a virtual events?

    Each event is different and customizable to the client so the pricing of the events is also customizable. In the pricing we consider the longevity of the event, types of booths needed and number of booths required and lastly the chosen module (we have 7 modules) of the service offering which can be found on this link:

    What are some of the services AVIANET offers that others don’t? /What AVIANET can offer that others donʻt?

    We provide full customization to your needs and wants with 24/7 technical support team, unique branding opportunities for you company, full scalability, in-depth analytics to mention just a few. We deliver all in one solution to you needs and you have everything you need in one platform.

    What is a Virtual Event Platform?

    A Virtual Event Platform or VEP is essentially a software that provides users the option to host and attend virtual events; such as webinars, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, meetings and more through their laptops, desktops and mobile phones.

    What knowledge and resources are needed to host such events?

    The clients only need to provide AVIANET team with the content that they want to implement in the event (ex. PowerPoint Presentations, logo, brochures and similar). Remaining users only need a device to log into the event, stable Internet connection and Google Chromes browser.

    Why to do a virtual event in the first place?

    It is an uncomplicated way to connect with people globally, it is cost effective, sustainable and fully customizable. In addition, participants, either hosts or attendees, are not required to travel to attend the event, and they can join by simply clicking on the link and registering.