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Several Airlines and Airports have improved their IT performance and business continuity by utilizing our Cloud Computing Services, IT Infrastructure Hosting, Data Center Co-Location, and Virtualized Disaster Recovery Solutions. Besides, our Managed IT Services, Personalized Customer Support, Data Protection Schemes, and Disaster Recovery solutions allow you to take advantage of our customized plans according to your individual business needs.
We deliver these services with unparalleled Service Level Agreements. Our goal is to offer you the best possible IT Infrastructure Solution – the solution that exactly fits your global business needs and budget – now and in the future.
Airport ICT Services

Our integrated framework enables you managing connectivity and security across airport facilities, systems, users and network edge elements...

CRS Access as a Service

AVIANET Cloud Based “CRS Access as a Service” enables airlines to distribute CRS and direct inventory partition access to all external agencies, GSAs or airline’s own Town and Airport Offices...

Managed IP Network

Being in Airlines business environment, you need cross geographic boundaries without limits. Your network and the applications demand a reliable global IP connectivity that must perform efficiently and consistently.


Our long track record of successfully servicing Aviation customers offers the required confidence and knowledge about your specific needs, which is vital for taking the right decisions regarding this challenging transformation of your IT Infrastructure.

Your Benefits

Top Engineers

  • The best engineers at affordable rates, we tailor your team based on your project needs.
  • Meet your aggressive deadlines and execute your projects with sustainable results at a fast pace.

Quality Development

  • Guaranteed delivery of finished product On-Time that not only meets, but also exceeds customers’ expectations
  • Ensuring absolute confidentiality

Loyalty not Royalty

  • Our customers can focus on other areas that demand their attention while we take care of all of their technical development needs.
  • We put our customers’ needs first. Our software development services help them find the simplest, most effective and the shortest path to the finish line.

Partners not Vendors

  • We add value and take ownership on every project as partners, not just vendors.
  • Our customers are the greatest marketing tools for us & we have very high retention rates.
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