Fashion industry isn’t limited to only in-person events. There is a whole new range of opportunities with emergence of new technology. Nowadays, companies in the fashion industry can successfully launch their new collections or runaway shows fully online. This can be easily done with the help of Virtual Event Platforms. In this way, companies can reach a much broader audience and potential consumers. Especially nowadays with strong marketing campaigns on social media and communication channels.

The fashion industry must shift towards new trends in the overall IT industry to keep occupying large consumer crowds. IT industry provides space for further creativity, design and no limitations. Not to mention, the previous mass quarantine that the world was in thanks to Covid 19 pandemic when everything stopped. Including leading fashion brands planning and cancelling their global fashion weeks. This is where digital solutions came in handy and where AVIANET can be of assistance.

Covid 19 encouraged fashion brands to immerse themselves into technology and to find ways to plan digital fashion shows and showrooms.

Purpose of the event:

Fashionista is a clothing brand that especially targets millennials and younger adults. Their target audience is already immersed into every day technological equipment. Fashionista wants to organize a digital showroom for their upcoming Winter/23 collection. The main goal is to organize the event fully online and to stream it on all major social media platforms.

Process in details:
The goal of the event is to attract new clients to buy products from the Fashionista brand. Moreover, to show appreciation for international loyal customers. Since the event will be fully online and will include major social media engagement, another objective is to include fashion influencers.

1. Appoint an event organizer/organizer group

A- Set goals and wanted outcomes
Mr. Loyd is working on Fashionista`s new campaign and collection. He and his team decided to make the event fully online with the help of AVIANET team. Mr. Loyd wants to live stream the event on all social media platforms and include various fashion influencers to promote the event.
This is Fashionista`s first time collaborating with AVIANET, and they want the event to be in 3D Virtual Event Platform.

B- Prepare project scope (deadline, start date, budget…)
As previously mentioned, the event is fully online and will have catwalk showcasing the whole new collection. The start of the event is in 7 weeks and the budget is high. There will be one live speaker prior the runway walks to talk about the collection and why they choose to do it online. The most important event objective will be the social media wall that will show the event exposure on all social media platforms. This is where fashion influencers come in.

2. Reach AVIANET team to prepare all further details and arrangements.

A- Schedule a free demo:
Since Fashionista is AVIANET’s first time client, they scheduled a free 3D demo of theVirtual Event Platform. During the demo Mr. Loyd asked informative questions and went through the event objectives.

B- Modules and features:
The event will have one customizable catwalk that showcases the new Fashionista collection. The catwalk will be the center of the event. As mentioned, there will be one live speaker in the beginning to talk about the new collection and to guide the audience through new digitalized catwalk. There will also be one speaker at the end, used as a Q&A provider.

C- Receive an official proposal:
Mr. Loyd chose the 3D Virtual Event Platform because the main purpose is to target audience from all over the world to join and see the collection. With the 3D environment the avatars can model the clothes for the audience as models would in real life. There will be a social media wall directly connected to live social media broadcasting which will be done by major fashion influencers as a collaboration with the AVIANET team.

3. Event set up

A- Provision and uploading of materials
Mr. Loyd provided AVIANET team all the essential materials and details such as logos, videos, designs, pictures… This is important to AVIANET team for planning the overall event (catwalk). As the event will take a lot of environments restructuring detailed environmental features, color schemes and online 3D clothing design is needed.

B- Set up representatives
Speaker at the beginning of the event and speaker at the end of virtual event must be prepared for their speeches ahead of time. They need to be identified so their profiles can be filled out with accurate information.

C- Registration
Registration can be done after the landing page is published. Each attendee has to go through the registration process to be able to join the event.

D- Online presence
For social media engagement of this Fashionista’s event, influencers will have the focus. Their job for this event it to fully broadcast and market the event on all their social media platforms. In this way, a bigger number of target audience will be reached.

4. Event trial

A- Participants
Prior to the live event, everything is tested with all the important participants; models, speakers, influencers, designers… The AVIANET team along with Fashionista team are working together to make sure everything goes according to plan.

B- Trial objective
Purpose of the event trial is to fix any difficulties in advance and to test everything. In this way the live catwalk will run smoothly without issues.

5. Live event
On the day when live catwalk starts, AVIANET Support Team will be there to guide the attendees and help them in the virtual world. All event materials will be available and each attendee will be assisted if needed.

6. Post analytics
The goal of this event is to showcase how the fashion industry can be fully digitalized. Fashionista wants to keep up with the IT industry and wants to immerse themselves in new trends. Their brand wants to show it is not outdated but is constantly evolving.

End of the event:
Influencers did a great job marketing the event on social media. Fashionist was able to reach more younger audience (millennials) because of this event. They have made a first step towards the future of the fashion industry.