Team building activities through Virtual Events

Virtual team building activities have become a norm in the current times when most employees are working remotely. These activities are designed to bring team members closer and create a sense of belongingness. Team building activities conducted through virtual events help improve communication, boost employee morale, and increase trust between co-workers, all of which are essential for collaborative projects.

If you’re looking for team-building activities to use for virtual events, we’ve compiled a list of some fun and engaging options.

Icebreaker questionnaire:

An easy way to start any virtual team-building activity is by adding a round of icebreaker questions at the beginning of the meeting. These questions are a great way for attendees to get to know their co-workers better. You can use the Random Virtual Icebreaker Generator to generate some creative questions or come up with your own.

Something in Common:

Something in Common is a challenge that encourages attendees to find out at least three things they have in common. You can assign people to smaller groups for this activity. Another similar game that you can play is Two Truths and One Lie, where each participant shares three interesting facts about themselves, and others have to guess which one is a lie.


Trivia is an engaging app with various games, quizzes, and puzzles. It incentivizes teamwork because of its multiplayer mode and enhances healthy competitiveness. It currently has 120,000 users who frequently use the app for team-building activities.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

A virtual scavenger hunt is a fun way to encourage teamwork. Clues are posted on chat apps, or attendees are notified by notifications while the game is starting during the event. The hunt begins by providing clues to each other. When participants guess right, they are shown a picture of the item or prize on their screen.

Virtual Wellness Session:

Virtual wellness sessions are aimed at improving employee mental health and health in general. Sessions can be related to exercises or meditation, and the guide can explain why mindfulness is important for mental health and how to practice it on your own. This can be especially beneficial prior to business meetings.

Accountability groups:

Team accountability is important for team efficiency as it ensures that the whole team is working towards the same goals. For example, you can set an exercise team goal and use a simple Excel spreadsheet to track everyone’s progress. This will enhance a feeling of belongingness, and motivation, and increase team spirit.

In conclusion, virtual team-building activities are a great way to improve communication, boost employee morale, and increase trust between co-workers. These activities do not have to be work-related, but they must be connected to “team building.” You can try out some of the above activities with your team and have fun while strengthening your team’s bond. AVIANET provides you with all such team-building activities through the platform.