Virtual gift ideas for events 

It is commonly known that everybody appreciates gifts. We know this fact from personal experiences and even better from professional experiences. Presenting someone with a gift shows thoughtfulness and appreciation. In the virtual event industry, it shows that you value attendee’s time and their decision to invest that time in attending your event.

Gift giving is one of the oldest marketing strategies, not only for the events but for other services and products as well. Nevertheless, companies often spend a lot of money on gifts that aren’t that useful for their customers or clients. Those gifts usually consist of T-shirts, mugs, pens and other conventual gifts. We all know these gifts and even though it is nice to receive them they do not make you feel special.

On the other hand, there are plenty of other approaches for gift giving that proved to be more beneficial for your recipients. More on those in the upcoming text.

Remember, you should pick the gifts according to your industry and the type of the event that you host. Therefore, we have prepared some gift ideas that are more useful and a bit different than traditional ones.

Software or entertainment gift subscriptions:

First gift idea is software or entertainment subscriptions. This gift can be especially beneficial if you can make an agreement with the other company to be your event sponsor as well. Software subscriptions are very effective for B2B events. It is always a good idea to have a complementary gift with your event. In this way, you will incentivize attendees to participate in the event even more. If you manage to get a sponsorship, you can even negotiate some subscriptions for free or at least half of your subscriptions fees. Entertainment subscriptions are probably the best gift you can offer because everyone uses them. Examples of those subscriptions are Netflix, Spotify or any other subscriptions used for recreation.

Digital Magazines and E books:

Everyone likes to be up to date with all the available information regarding their work and interests. If you are hosting an event, you probably have something new to present to the market. Wouldn’t it be great to offer a parting gift in the form of subscription for digital magazines or news? This gift can be connected to your event because in this way you can offer your attendees further industry insights. Another suggestion is E books. For those attendees that like to be knowledgeable about any industry topics, E books would be a great gift. It can even be in the form of a gift card so attendees can choose interesting topics on their own.

Online courses:

What better way to learn something new than by attending online courses? You learn from the comfort of your home and in your own time. Online courses can also be directly connected to your event and a great incentive to attract more attendees. Also, in this way you are sure that you are inviting quality attendees who are invested in the topic and will participate during the event.

Virtual Fitness Classes:

For those people that like physical activities this can be a good way to incentivize more attendance. Also, it promotes a healthier lifestyle which lately a lot of people are prioritizing. It can also be a good way to make attendees more engaged with each other. You can offer these classes before the actual event so attendees get to know each other. When they do get to know each other, your event will end up being much more beneficial for both sides.

Final Thoughts on virtual gifts:

To conclude, any gift is thoughtful and whatever you choose to be your parting gift it will be very much appreciated. However, these ideas will make you stand out from conventional gifts and will lead to good word of mouth about your event. Sometimes a simple gift can go a long way and be the best marketing tactic. For a gift giving all in one platform visit AVIANET Virtual Event Platform.