ChatGPT and What It Means For AI

AI has always been like a conspiracy theory to the large masses, most people use it in day-to-day tasks but have no idea how big its implementation in the business world is.

The viral news regarding AI is ChatGPT lately. This chatbot tool responds instantly to your questions using Artificial Intelligence. Although the chatbot is less capable than humans in many scenarios, but it still is a huge milestone regarding standardized tests and professional achievements.

GPT-4 is the latest version of ChatGPT which is already making its way to third-party products. For example, the latest user is Microsoft ‘s Bing.

Even though most people are impressed with the chatbot, it is said that the AI tends to be emotionally reactive which leads to factual errors sometimes.

“It is still flawed, still limited, and it still seems more impressive on first use than it does after you spend more time with it,” Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

Currently, the goal is to integrate ChatGPT into more apps and services.

In the near future, the goal for scientists is to upload consciousness on personal computers. This is especially targeted at elderly people who are losing their consciousness or memory.