Content Creation and Marketing Trends for 2023


Content creation is crucial for all social media platforms as well as websites and other platforms used by various companies. If you want to gain popularity, your content must be relevant and up to date. Stay ahead of your competition by creating interesting content with just the right longevity. We are here to tell you what trends are worth your time and resources. So, you can become the best content creator out there! 

Content creation for short videos: 

Videos are not new, but they are still a very strong marketing tool. Average users already spend hours watching various videos on the internet. With videos it is much easier to capture attention than with just written words. Since most customers really have short attention spans, short-form videos are the best option for them (such as Tik Tok videos or Instagram Reels) 

If you opt for longer version of videos, we suggest making them no longer than 7-8 minutes. Make information short, concise, and relevant. Details can always be discussed later when customers are already hooked to your brand. 

Content that drives revenue: 

Marketing content isn’t just reserved for branding and advertising. 2023 will showcase how content can immediately drive revenue to your company. Hence content creation is of extreme importance.

Examples on how to drive revenue through your content are: membership fees to grant access to your content or Tik Tok creator funds. Tik Tok is a huge social media platform and an even bigger revenue generator. In what form can Tik Tok become the perfect business venture? 

Firstly, you can enable viewers to directly purchase from content that is created, aka. Shoppable content. Another objective is to make users pay for content they are viewing. For example, it can be “premium content”. 

Content that incentivises empathy:  

Before being a successful business company meant being firm and formal. It would even be described as distant from the consumers. This won’t cut it in 2023. Consumers, viewers, and followers want to feel close to the brand. They want to sense belongingness.  If your posts and content is only business related, it won’t stick with viewers. They will view your brand and content you are posting as mere financial tools.  

Do not use selling language in your content, rather appeal to your audience. Treat them as friends and collogues, and you will soon see the difference in engagement. 

Good experience makes the difference: 

Nowadays consumers expect more from your website and social media platforms. Other than great content, web pages should be fast, concise, informative, short… the list goes on. Nobody wants to go through slow and lengthy websites, it is about good customer experience and impressions. 

If you really want to stand out amongst competitors, consider personalization. Every customer wants to feel unique and appreciated. Make them feel special by providing content that also solves their issues. 

Technology as tool to create content: 

The sole content doesn’t change much, it can change depending mostly on your customers. On the other hand, the technology to create content rapidly changes. 

Artificial Intelligence is a major tool to create immersive content. It can generate more material to work with, but it won’t be a creative tool for you. AI also helps dive into content personalization for each customer depending on your current customer data. 

Another objective when it becomes broadcasted to smaller firms is Metaverse and VR. Currently those technologies are available to large enterprises, but smaller companies should be prepared for its spreading. 

To stay ahead on your marketing schedule, it is important to have a good posting schedule.Each week should be planned out with great content creation. It doesn’t have to be every day, but it has to maintain quality, consistency and entertainment purposes.