SEO leveraging and online community growth


How to make better content marketing decisions? The answer to the question is SEO. SEO is a powerful tool for those companies that choose to take content marketing as their approach. Nevertheless, the survey conducted with multiple companies shows that almost 48% of marketers think their content marketing strategy is below average. As mentioned, SEO is a complementary tool for content marketing. So, what is SEO? 

SEO is a “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a process that tries to gain more traffic to your website through search engines. The goal is to rank your website as high as possible. SEO helps you find out what customers want, and content marketing helps you deliver their wants. 

Keywords usage:

First, do your research and find out what your customers are searching for. This means keywords because they are your main SEO tool. Research most used and popular keywords inside your market niche. This should give you a decent guidance on what your customers are searching for. To put it in simple words, what are the words they type into their search engine? 

If you want to see the most popular keywords on your website, there is the Google Search Console. The Console immediately provides you with a list of keywords that users type in to get to your company website.  

Content creators should do the research to find out how many people are using the same keywords because keyword competitiveness is also important. 

How to achieve good SEO? 

Top priority is having a quality website that is well structured. The website should be easily converted to a mobile device and vice versa. Your customers will want to have the ability to access your website from any device. The website shouldn’t be slow under any circumstances. Long load times lead to frustration and at the end unsatisfied customers. Your website content should be targeted to your niche market. Focus on your target audience.  

Another objective is to have proper internal linking inside your website. Including the keywords inside your website. Also, the geolocation tags are relevant because Google should know where specifically your business is. 

Lastly, you should use long-tail key phrases and not shorter because it leads to more competitive keywords. 

The ultimate solution to always ranking higher than your competitors is having quality content. Especially because Google can easily differentiate good content from bad content. If your content proves to lack quality Google will immediately rank, you lower than your competitors. 

To ensure good content you must divide your text in smaller chunks. This makes it easier to go through the text. If you want to use images, they must be high quality and always relevant to your text. 

If you want to include keywords, you must properly balance how many to use. Longer texts always require more keywords. 

If your goal is to internationalize, first perfect your content in your country. This gives you a competitive edge because you have quality content. Then you choose which countries you want to expand to and research them properly. All the above tips should be a great first initiation step to properly use SEO. 

You must know that SEO is a constant and on-going development process. You always research the market and your competitors. Lastly, you never stop giving quality content because without that all the tools are irrelevant.