Metaverse and Fashion Industry

As Metaverse is becoming the new hot topic in the business world, things are beginning to change, even for the fashion industry. As one of the most changing, most earning and influential industries, it is an opportunity to push boundaries again. Fashion industry has the chance to restructure brands and offerings to be up to date with newest trends. 

Ralph Lauren has already begun the new digitalization era with their special edition of Roblox collection. Balenciaga even did a collection for Fortnite avatars. We can expect more brands to come out with new metaverse collections in the near future.  

Metaverse will be a new environment to promote new concepts, ideas and collections even for the fashion industry. Colliding the physical and virtual world will bring new growth to the industry. It will also provide option for further creativity and imagination opportunities. Although it seems unlikely that the fashion industry can have its place in the whole new restructuring of digitalization and the internet. The industry sure does have a large potential.

Metaverse is a new 3D interactive platform and it creates unique augmented reality (AR) experience for retailers, designers and fashion lovers. The goal of metaverse is to become immersed to all our aspects of life. Back in the day, it was impossible to imagine that our phones will be so crucial to our everyday lives. Our phones evolved to be able to do everything for us and to keep all our data. Now we are at a verge of metaverse. 


Fashion industry and digitalization 

Fashion industry takes huge advantage of the fact that our new identity is on social media platforms. Stories are like our personal billboards and promotional pages. Everything has transferred to digital, hence the perfect opportunity for fashion industry to be digitally present and promote their products online. With metaverse, things would be even faster and easier because the time of information transferring to potential customer would be zero. Meaning, everyone would be present in metaverse most of the time, so information will be available immediately. Now, retailers and designers are still dependent on how many times we check our phones so information can be brought to us. 

In the future, metaverse will become something inevitable and not a choice anymore. The idea of clothes, shoes and accessories existing in a digital world was difficult to grasp at first. But fashion in metaverse has slowly become a niche market attracting a lot of attention from business and consumer side. 


Benefits of fashion industry in metaverse 

First obvious benefit is becoming more environmentally friendly. By replacing physical samples of clothing with digital ones, in company’s design and development phase, brands would reduce their carbon footprint by 30%. 

On the other hand, digital garments can be used for marketing and modelling before the actual designs are brought to production. In this way, fashion companies would minimize their overall environmental impact. Lastly, digital versions of clothing can help with usual overproduction of clothing. 

For designers, metaverse can be a quite prosperous world because it allows full creative freedom. The fact is that some of the designs will never come to life in the physical world. But in metaverse, avatars can wear literally anything without any constrains regarding design, fabric or use. 

However, maybe the biggest metaverse flex for the fashion industry is the ability to try on clothes from different stores without changing locations and making a purchasing decision. Customers would be able to order clothing from a virtual store either in a physical form or virtual. 


Final thoughts  

Even though, there are many benefits of fashion industry joining the metaverse, there are still some people that are not convinced of the metaverse benefits. They think that even if everything is digitalized in our lives, then clothes would lose their social value and status. For most people fashion and metaverse collision is still a phenomena. Major brands have indulged in it to keep up to date and with current trends.