Most popular Esports games 

Over 250 million users worldwide are currently using Esports gaming as entertainment and the number will be even higher in the near future. The reason why the numbers are so high is because a there is a new and innovative game every year. So, there is always something new on the market. Players can test and play the new games continuously.  

Esports games are attractive and popular because players of the real life prizes (ex. money). Usually, players who invest a vast majority of their time playing Esports games become professional players. Prize money as well as sponsorship deals finance players living and living style. 

Esports game tournaments and exposure: 

Game developers try to organize as many gaming tournaments as possible, to attract more players. Often best Esports players are set to play in a league, allowing the professional players to compete for best rankings with the opportunity of winning huge prizes. 

There are many different categories of Esports games. Some are more popular on a global scale and others on regional scales. Some games have many active players that have many followers and audience members. On the other hand, some game developers and owners of the game must organize tournaments with big cash prizes to attract players. 


Rankings of Esports games by the amount of prize money: 

Ranking of Esports games is by the amount of money or reward money they have prepared for the gaming tournaments. 

Dota 2 has the biggest amount of prize money awarded (over 234 million dollars). Prize pools are funded with the help of fans purchasing in-game goods. Top 25 winners from this game are located in 16 different countries such as US, China, Romania and so on. Valve Corporation developed the Dota 2 game, which is a multiplayer battle arena Esports game. The game is played in teams of five people and structured as a way that each team defends one area on the map. 

The second most popular game is Counterstrike: Global Offensive. The game is dating all the way back to early 2000s. It has frequent updates and a big market for weapon skins. Each year they are hosting major events like DreamHack Anaheim, ESL One Rio de Janeiro and so on.   

Major events have prize pools with over 1 million dollars. Total prize money awarded is 96.5 million dollars. The biggest tournament is World Electronic Sports Games (WESG). This particular game has two teams or groups of players (terrorists and counter-terrorists)

The third game is Fortnite. This is globally a very popular multiplayer game.  Epic Games are developers of Fortnite.. It has been around for only five years and has already awarded millions to best players. There are over 250 million registered players worldwide. 


Final thoughts: 

These three games are most known and played in the industry. There are many more examples of Esports gaming, but you get the big picture. The Esports industry is huge and it has great sponsorship potential. Esports industry attracts many people because of big prize money and it is very likely to rise even more. The industry has frequent updates and is always up do date with current trends so there will never be boredom present.