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Your network and the applications demand a reliable global connectivity that must perform efficiently and consistently. Selecting the right partner to deliver, manage and support your global network is the key to lead the global competition.

Global IP Connectivity

Our customizable IP Connectivity Solutions enable innovative advancements to meet your organization’s communications needs and improve business performance.

  • MPLS-Based Private IP Solutions
  • DSL/ Fiber based IP Solutions
  • Ethernet Connect IP Solutions

Network Management

AVIANET Network Services experts can:

  • Assess your network infrastructure
  • Measure the performance of your network assets
  • Design the business required network architecture
  • Implement your network strategy
  • Address the areas of risk
  • Create a plan for expansion and growth
  • Assist you to achieve the required level of network performance

Your Benefits

Cost control

Cost control

  • Data consolidation
  • Voice and video services through a single connection
  • Cost control
Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service

  • 24-hour customer service
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Competitive service level agreements (SLAs)


Different levels of control ranging:

  • Customer-managed
  • Project-related professional services
  • Fully outsourced network management
Expansive reach

Expansive Reach

Enable your users to access the network from diverse locations around the globe.

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