The Ebb and Flow of the Virtual Event Platform (VEP) Market

As we wrap up the year, it’s been a wild ride looking back at where we started and where we are now. Remember the days when virtual events were the unsung heroes keeping us all connected during the peak of the pandemic? Well, they’ve become more than just a temporary solution; they’ve evolved into a game-changer in the events industry.


Remember the chaos of trying to pivot to virtual when everything went topsy-turvy? It turns out, those virtual event platforms (VEPs) weren’t just a quick fix. They became the glue holding conferences, product launches, summits, open days, fresher weeks, and all sorts of events together when everything seemed uncertain.


As the world started finding its footing again, we saw a shift back to in-person events. Face-to-face connections became the buzzword, and we wondered if the virtual magic would wear off. Now, as we’re gearing up for a new year, it’s not just about looking back but also looking at this growing industry to see what 2024 holds for VEPs.


Here’s the scoop on Virtual Event Platforms (VEPs):

Hybrid Events Rule: It’s not just about virtual or in-person anymore; it’s both. Hybrid events are becoming the norm, giving us the best of both worlds. Flexibility, anyone? How reassuring to have a live helpdesk and event management expert at your fingertips.   


AI Joins the Party: Get ready for events that feel like they were tailor-made for you. AI is stepping up, making virtual experiences truly bespoke, personal, and networking more like bumping into someone cool at a coffee shop. 


Budget-Friendly Vibes: Money matters, right? VEPs that keep things cost-effective without sacrificing quality are going to be the stars of the show. Who said great events have to break the bank? 


Green is the New Black: Sustainability is in. VEPs are going eco-friendly, offering options that don’t just save budgets but also the planet. Mother Nature approves! 


And now, the juiciest part – what’s hot in 2024: 


VR and AR Take Center Stage: Imagine feeling like you’re at an event without leaving your couch. Virtual and augmented reality are turning events into mind-blowing experiences. It’s like magic, but real. 


Games for Everyone: Ever been to an event that felt a bit like a party? Get ready for gamification! It’s making events more fun, interactive, and immersive, and who knows, you might even score some cool prizes. 


Smarter Networking: AI is not just making things personal; it’s becoming your wingman for networking. Meeting awesome people in virtual spaces just got a whole lot easier. 


Lockdown on Security: With more virtual interactions, we’ve got to make sure everything stays on the down-low. Expect top-notch security to keep our virtual events private and secure. 



So, there you have it – the lowdown on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. The VEP journey has been nothing short of amazing, and 2024 is shaping up to be even more exciting. Who would’ve thought virtual events would become such a big deal? 


Cheers to embracing the change and making events not just moments but unforgettable experiences!  Having a hard time imagining what we are writing about? Book your demo and we will help you reimagine your next event. Subscribe to our Newsletter for more info.


Here’s to 2024 – let’s make it one for the books!