Predictions of Virtual Event Industry 

Virtual events and Virtual Event Platforms are no longer a novelty in the market. That is way it is important to share some predictions of virtual event industry. Plus, organizers and attendees have much higher expectations from virtual event providers than before. Since the competitors are getting more and more innovative with their strategies and developments, some virtual event companies have diminished. 

Unfortunately, many virtual event platforms have failed and one of the reasons why is the lack of engaging content. The mentioned companies viewed their virtual events as on-camera meetings. This point of view was very short-sighted. Virtual events can be a perfect opportunity for creativity, ideation and innovation with a reach of a boarder audience. 

What will change in the future of virtual events? 

Virtual event duration: 

The first prediction that will greatly influence virtual events is the duration of each virtual event. Full-day or multi-day sessions are no longer in demand and a priority, in addition they can be a hassle to plan. The prediction is that virtual events will be happening more frequent but with shorter sessions. It is better to have one thematic event or an event that lasts 2-3 hours per day. This way, attendees will have les event fatigue and they will be more concentrated on the content during the events. 

Even with games and engagement features, it is extremely difficult to keep attendee’s attention during virtual events. For future events, it is crucial that virtual events are short, concise and informative. Do not overwhelm people with extra-long sessions and too much information. 

Elevation of virtual event experience: 

It is no longer sufficient to plan a virtual event that will look like a regular Zoom meeting. The event must be more dynamic, it has to offer more features, such as better graphics, videos and maybe even some 3D elements. Chat functions are a must, so attendees can network, communicate among themselves and leave comments.  

The key future features of virtual events will be more innovative engagement tools. How can people participate on a full-scale?  Suggestions can be quizzes, creative pools or Q&As. These objectives will be a bigger focus in the future of virtual events. 

Post event data: 

One of the biggest predictions, focus points and main concerns will be post-event content and data. Post-event preparations have been and still are overlooked. It is easy to plan a virtual event, but what happens afterwards? What to do after all planned sessions and meetings? How to use all the data properly? This will be a key factor if you want your company to succeed in the digital world. 

Expected growth of virtual events: 

These are the main tips to keep your virtual event marketing up to speed. One of the common questions is: “Why to convert your virtual event objectives in the first place?” 

Well, here is a very convincing piece of information for you. Virtual Events Platforms are expected to exceed over 17 billion US dollars in the next couple of years. Meaning, huge market potential and market change. Even the demand for virtual event providers will rise up to 16%. This information is essential because it portrays the way marketing and information gathering will work in the future. Many companies are jumping onboard to be part of virtual event world. So, if your company wants to do the same, you must find a way for your events to be different and innovative. Be different and memorable to a large mass. 

Predictions and trends allude that South Asia and Pacific will be the fastest in growing virtual events. This prediction is not surprising due the Covid 19 pandemic. Many companies want to make sure that they have a safe environment to promote their products, exchange information and socialize. Virtual events are a perfect way to satisfy all those requirements. 

Final thoughts: 

Even though, virtual events are not as popular as they were a year ago the market predicted the slight decline. Currently, people want to travel, socialize and have face to face interactions.   

However, after this slight decline virtual event market will definitely experience a higher growth. With new features, innovations and sustainability priority virtual events will flourish. These were our predictions of the future of virtual event industry. The question is: Will you find the right Virtual Event Platform for your events?