Current trends in Tech industry

We are all aware that technology is evolving at a rapid pace. The constant change and innovation in the industry makes it crucial to focus on keeping up with the newest trends. Moreover, IT professionals must learn how to quickly adapt their skills and evolve in their roles. The ability to embrace new trends enables them to keep up with the constant novities in the industry. The key thing is to always be open for learning new things and concepts of emerging technologies.

We want you to be up to date, so we have prepared a list of top new technology trends in 2022:

Computing power

Computing power is a well-known concept in our digital era. The reason is that already every device we use is computerized. Moreover, IT experts have announced that current infrastructure will evolve even more in the coming years.

The biggest benefit of commuting power is the fact that it is generating more tech jobs. However, it still requires acquiring specialized qualifications for the job positions. On the other hand, this field upholds fields from data science, robotics and IT management. Also, it has the largest percentage of employment. Behind the logic that we are more and more dependent on our computerized devices, this field flourishers more in all its aspects.

Smart devices

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in play. Artificial intelligence has been a key ingredient for making our world smarter and faster. It makes our everyday tasks so much more efficient, enjoyable and easier. AI devices are here to stay for the long run. Data scientists are working on AI home appliances and robotics, various devices and even wearables. In addition, more companies are transforming to digital spaces and almost every higher-level job position in the IT industry requires knowledge in automatization.


Datafication is a process that transforms everything from our lives into our devices as data. Our devices can store information and data for as long as it takes. Another great benefit of datafication is that it provides more jobs on the market. The reason is because it leads to a higher need for IT professionals, engineers, technicians and so on. Data jobs are more about skills than big qualifications.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

It is estimated that the AI market will grow over 190$ billion dollars by 2025. Not to mention that AI will offer some of the highest salaries on the job market. AI already offers superiority in speech recognition, navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants (Siri in IOS) and so on. Other than those known solutions that AI offers; AI will shift to helping predict demand for services. Some of those services are going to enable hospital authorities to be better decision makers regarding resources utilization.

Digital trust

Nowadays, people are very dependent on technology. This dependency leads to security issues because all our lives are kept on our devices. With the help of digital conviction, people believe that technology helps to create a secure and safe environment for them. For creation of safe digital spaces for users, major concepts are cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Being an ethical hacker, you must have professional certifications.


Genomics is part of technology that can study your DNA. The goal is to help improve your overall health and genomics helps you detect diseases earlier and fight them. Genomics studies genes, DNAs and their structure and mapping. This is designed to help you quantify your genes and in turn find diseases so you can properly heal from them.

Quantum computing

Remarkable new technology is quantum computing. Quantum computing is a form of computing designed for quantum phenomena (superposition) and quantum entanglement. This technology can be used for preventing the Corona virus outbreak and to develop new vaccines. This is due to its ability to monitor, use and analyse new data regardless of the source. Quantum computing can also be applicable to banking and finance or managing credit risks.

Final thoughts

These were the current most engaging trends in the tech industry. Many of these trends will benefit its users and the overall job market. We are all aware that technology is going forward at a very fast pace and we must take each opportunity to learn new things and be a part of it.

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