Reuse Webcasts and Create Additional Content

How can use of Webcasts be beneficial for your company or the event you are hosting? For example, your company is hosting a live event, but the in-person attendee availability is of course limited. This is the part where Webcasts come in handy because they allow you to broadcast your event to numerous online users through a website. A Webcast is a perfect extension for your live event because firstly it can be broadcasted in the real time and another advantage is that the recording can also be uploaded to your company website. This gives an opportunity to other potential customers, clients, partners or colleagues that couldn’t join the live session a chance to review the content and shared materials.

Webcasts are extremely important in corporate communication and that importance was especially amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason for high growth in Webcast usage was the availability to reach remotely working employees. Examples of events hosted in the corporate culture are conferences, CEO briefings, various meetings and even department updates. There are many opportunities in the business world for Webcasts to shine, but our interest is in re-purposing them for other occasions that you might not think of at first.

Social Media content

We can all agree that currently social media should be on a priority list for every company trying to succeed or to promote their services or products. So, how to incorporate videos on your social media platforms and how to engage people?

It is common knowledge that videos get more company exposure and engagement. This is one of the reasons to use Webcasts to your advantage. Even if you are having an onsite event, stream the event and give the opportunity for others to join. Once your Webcast has been recorded you can efficiently and easily repurpose it for social media platforms. The best way to utilize the event is to post the recording of the event on your official corporate website. Now, you can connect your company website with all social media platforms. In this way, you promote your company, create an online presence and take advantage of the hosted the event in the first place. Another benefit is that video content performs the best with majority of algorithms because they capture the viewer’s attention for longer time. This is the reasoning behind videos gaining the most engagement than any other content on Instagram.

Generally, people like to view videos from brands and companies they follow. Those videos can be purposed for more informative or promotion reasons.

Blog posts about your Webcast

Another example is writing a blog post for your website. Writing each blog can be very time consuming due to research and preparations for each blog post. Since you invested time in writing the blog post, why not incorporate your videos into the blog? Videos usually capture reader’s attention more successfully. Those videos are called vlogs because they connect blog posts to video format. Having a video with your blog post gives the reader opportunity to read the text while listening to audio to get more clarifications. Also, having a vlog means you can connect it to your social media accounts to get more exposure. Using blog videos to help with promotion is a perfect way to use your already written texts. All you need to do is write a simpler script from your blog test, create a storyboard, and select audio. Your blog post will come to life and gain more user engagement for sure.

Conversion to Podcasts

Another suggestion on how to re-purpose your Webcasts is to structure them into a podcast. This is a great opportunity to broaden your target audience, promote your company or spread awareness about any topic of your interest. Podcasts can be connected to your website, or another great way is to make a YouTube channel for your company. Then you can frequently update your YouTube channel with various topics connected to your company.


Topics covered in your Webcasts can also be used as an eBook. Include all the extensive information that was previously mentioned and apply them to your eBook. eBook as a format is great when you want to target audience that prefer reading instead of watching and listening to Webcasts. You need to consider that not all individuals are the same and some people memorize easier by reading and if you want your audience to remember the information that was given, you need to be able to give them options.

To conclude there are many ways to re-purpose your Webcasts and since you made an effort to record them, why not take full advantage of your content? Think about your company and who your targeted audience is and then decide in which direction you want to go. Our suggestion is to connect your Webcasts directly to your website, so you can reach more people.

Social media is also a very strong promotional tool because majority of people use it on a daily basis.

Take the opportunity and be creative in re-purposing your content because the possibilities are endless.