What is a 3D virtual event and how to host one?

Today many companies, institutions and businesses are investing their resources in 3D Virtual Event Platforms. Other entities that do not use virtual events for their conferences, exhibitions or trade shows are still not too familiar with the advantage of innovative 3D virtual events and clarification will be provided in following text.

What is a 3D virtual event?

3D virtual events are a fully immersive events that are set up in a customizable 360° online environment while providing attendees the opportunity to personalize their own Avatars and this way attend and interact with other users. Many modules and features provide the option of creating personalized individual packages and adjustment of the online world to specific needs and wants.

The latest AVIANET Virtual Event Platform enables us to design a real-life experience for our customers using advanced tools and technologies. These tools help us create an immersive experience where attendees feel engaged and consumed in our 3D virtual world. The technology is used to replicate architecture of the venues without the hassle of organizing such an event in-person. New 3D progressive technology has helped to create a new realm of possibilities for virtual event planners and organizers. This is a chance for AVIANET to assist you in creating unique and realistic experiences for you and your clients, employees, potential customers or colleagues. It has helped us in achieving a new way of organizing and hosting events in the business environment, because it allowed us to maximize the number of attendees and relieving our clients of worrying about minor details as they would face in real-life venues.

Hosting a 3D virtual event

Initial key step is to make the audience feel engaged, interactive and to make them feel at ease while using a new way of connecting. We at AVIANET pride ourselves in achieving that objective with providing full support, offering personalization and having the ability of Avatar creation. In this way, we want our attendees to feel like they can have a personal imprint, just like they would in real life. Prior to the event entrance, attendees create an avatar, familiarize themselves with functions and during the event they can go back and change features if they want. Throughout the event attendees can network, ask questions, download materials and fully engage with the platform. With the gamification process we try to add game mechanisms to fight the attendee fatigue and to continue interest among users.

Now that we have established a need for a new business model; let us dive into 3D Virtual Event Platform key benefits. First, there is a global availability, unlike when you try to organize an onsite venue. Not to mention that it saves on travel costs, scheduling, registration process and it is time efficient for attendees and organizers. The experience is as engaging as it would be in-person and there is digitally driven interaction too. In addition, the ability to share business cards and event materials like brochures and documents online is available. There is a guaranteed accessibility for key stakeholders, at the end of the event, to go through reporting and analytics. These reports gather key insights from the event and help in developing future events. The whole platform is user friendly and the goal is to bring people together regardless of their location.

When attendees log in with their avatars into the platform, they immediately enter the Event Garden where they can take a look at some videos, presentations and PDFs. There they can see the schedule of the events and interact with other attendees. Of course, if they wish to conduct a private meeting with one of the exhibitors or panelists, they can. We have a One-to-One meeting room for this purpose.

Solutions of the 3D Virtual Event Platform

AVIANET aims to provide solutions for all proposed event specifications. Our services during event planning are demo sessions, setting up the virtual environment and landing page for you, briefing meeting sessions and trial run. During the event live technical support is available and after the event we share detailed event analytics. All the content that is needed for the event can be uploaded by AVIANET as per the discussed schedule. Of course, clients need to provide us with their materials for the event that needs to be used during the event (videos, brochures, presentations, PDFs…). Your task is to invite all your wanted attendees, after that step each attendee signs up at a self-registration landing page and they can enjoy your conference, trade show, open days and more.

We hope you choose AVIANET in your future business endeavors and let us guide you through a new era of conducting business. 3D Virtual Event Platform is a new steppingstone in creating meaningful business opportunities and a chance to learn something innovative. If you wish to be a part of something new and unique, do not hesitate to reach us.