Powering Up Your Virtual Events: The Gamification Revolution

A successful game should possess these essential ingredients, functionality, competitiveness, and rewards. When you conduct a virtual event, the key necessity is to make it fun and engaging. According to Dimitrievski, M. (2023) in Gaming Statistics – TrueList 2022 about 41% of the world’s population plays video games or considers themselves gamers. The estimated gaming revenue for 2023 is $26.14 billion. Whether it’s the excitement of exploring space, going on quests, or customizing characters, games are a big deal for everyone with a device. Whether they help you relax or pass the time, games or event gamification needs to be set up in a way that keeps you interested.

Virtual events are all about connecting, engaging, and making a lasting impression on attendees. Incorporating gamification into your virtual events can be a game-changer (pun intended). It can be anything from customizing your own characters to building teams and solving a mystery to reach the final reward, each element can build your employees’ interest in the organization if done in a systematic way. It not only adds an element of fun but also boosts participation, networking, and overall event success. If you’re looking for some creative gamification ideas to promote your virtual 2D and 3D events, you’re in the right place.

Gamification with AVIANET

Get ready to elevate your virtual events with AVIANET! Our ad-free games are customizable, whether you prefer pre-determined teams or a random selection. Let’s explore some gamification ideas that can be tailored just for you:

  • Craft Your Own Adventures: Develop custom games aligned with your event’s theme, fostering bonding and networking. AVIANET is here to assist, ensuring an adventure that keeps participants engaged and excited with sponsored prizes.
  • Create Your Own Avatars: Immerse participants in an immersive event by creating their own avatars using AVIANET’s enhanced 3D platform. It adds a personal touch to the virtual experience.
  • Break the Ice: Start with an ice-breaking game to make attendees comfortable and engaged. For smaller gatherings, try fun games like sharing workplace stories or playing Two Truths and a Lie. AVIANET introduces AI-assisted chatbots and interactive features for engaging conversations.
  • Trivia Quizzes Galore: Encourage active engagement with trivia quizzes related to your event’s content. Offer prizes in real-time for individual quizzes or cumulative scores, ensuring sustained attention and participation. Award points for tasks performed throughout the event, creating a competitive and exciting atmosphere.
  • Digital Collectibles Delight: Implement collectible digital cards earned by attending sessions and participating in quizzes. Offer prizes for collecting the most or finding rare ones, promoting networking through card swaps.
  • Sponsorship Synergy: Partner with sponsors to provide prizes and incentives. Award points to attendees engaging with sponsor sessions or visiting virtual booths, enhancing brand exposure.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Encourage networking by dividing participants into teams, and awarding points for various activities like quizzes, trivia, and games. Encourage communication amongst them with diverse tools provided in the platform, whether interpretation, text-to-speech, or using emojis.
  • Passports Adventure: For larger events, provide virtual passports for attendees to get stamped by exhibitors or for session attendance. Maintain a leaderboard and offer incentives for top scorers, keeping in mind participants’ main interests.

With AVIANET, your virtual events will be a thrilling experience, filled with engagement, recognition, and networking opportunities. Get ready to redefine your virtual event game!

8 Steps to Create a Top-Tier Virtual Event Gamification Experience

  1. Know your Goals: Define your event’s objectives and create challenges that align with these goals. For instance, use codes provided by sponsors to boost engagement and leads or to educate the employees about the product and service.
  2. Pick the Right Event Technology: Choose the event technology that aligns with your goals and offers suitable gamification features. The technology you choose should suit the employees and the size of your organization. You can get creative in representing your virtual events through CGI or eye-catching texts for a lasting impact with AVIANET.
  3. Define the Scope of the Event: Tailor the game’s duration, challenges, and scale to your event’s size and capacity. The role of each participant in the event needs to be defined based on their agenda in the event.
  4. Write the Rules: Provide clear instructions and rules for the games, ensuring participants understand how to play. Choosing skill-based games would make participants talk about their strengths and weaknesses in the team, thus encouraging the team-building aspect of the event.
  5. Choose the Prizes: Select enticing prizes that motivate attendees to engage and participate fully.
  6. Promote the Game: Create awareness about the game through various channels, such as social media, event websites, push notifications, and speaker mentions.
  7. Celebrate the Winners: Recognize and celebrate the winners even after the event ends, creating a lasting positive impression. Real-time notifications and leaderboard updates during the event would make participants curious and encourage engagement.
  8. Encourage Feedback: To ensure that people engage themselves in the feedback loop, a gamified survey or a feedback poll can be a part of this loop at the end of the event. With the integration of artificial intelligence, the statistics post the event will help you gauge the mindset of your employees, consumers, or even competitors.


Virtual events offer various gamification opportunities, from strategic trivia questions highlighting sponsors to skill-based games like Pac-Man or Tetris, which appeal to participants’ competitive nature. Incorporating gamification into your virtual events can transform them into exciting, engaging, and memorable experiences. Whether you choose custom games, trivia quizzes, or virtual treasure hunts, gamification can boost participation, networking, and overall event success. By following the seven steps for creating a top-tier event app gamification experience, you can ensure your event meets its objectives. Promote your event’s gamification, celebrate the winners, and make your virtual events anything but boring. Want to know more on how you can gamify and amplify your event, get in touch with us. Check out our project references on our website or on AVIAREPS.