Almost all students want to get employed by a good company during their studies and of course afterwards. Nowadays, for universities to get recognized among their competition they need to help their students with their future endeavors. This is the reason the University wants to organize an event for all their students and potential employers. University wants to organize an online university job fair; therefore, they are hiring AVIANET to help. With AVIANET’s Virtual Event Platform (VEP) more students we will be able to attend the fair and more potential employees will be able to participate.

The overall goal of University’s job fair is to connect their students with their future employers and colleagues. They want this job fair to be designed as a networking event for students with the aim of nurturing their future professional careers.

University really wanted to cater to every student’s need, so they are organizing a hybrid university job fair. This event type proved to be sufficient for their budget, wants and time management. University is a previous AVIANET client; they are familiar with the whole process as they have good experience working with virtual events. This is the reason why the University immediately reached to AVIANET team to create a new event.

As agreed, the event will be a hybrid event because some students still want to interact with potential employers in person. While other students will have the same opportunity of networking and interaction via an online environment.

University doesn’t require a free demo of the Virtual Event Platforms because they are already familiar with platforms and know which platform they want.

Process in details:

The goal of the event is to connect as many students as possible with their future employers. Hopefully ending with many collaborations and learning opportunities for the students. University has many options and modules to choose from AVAINET. The main objective is easy and fast networking opportunities between employers (companies) and students.

Appoint an event organiser/organiser group 

Ms. X oversees all events the University hosts. She is already familiar with AVIANET’s team, and she has already established a good partnership. In addition, she has chosen the 3D Virtual Event Platform (3D VEP) for the event. Ms. X also gathers student data such as networking between employees, event turnout and so on.

Set goals and wanted outcomes

The objective is to minimise complications during the virtual event and to connect students with wanted employers. In addition, to incentivize students to work during their studies and use all the opportunities available for them. 

Prepare project scope (deadlines, start date, exhibitors…)

Information such as a list of companies that wish to employ the students is given to AVAINET team in advance. This way all materials will be uploaded according to the companies’ profiles, booths and presentations.

The event will be organized on the main campus, for the in-person part, but everyone else will be able to join online with AVIANET 3D VEP. The deadline given to plan the virtual event is 4 weeks and the budget is limited.

There are companies which specifically wanted to have a virtual booth so AVAINET team must prepare customizable virtual booths for them.

Contact AVIANET team

Receive an official proposal

Free demo will be skipped since the University has previous partnership experience with AVIANET. Ms. Rose chose the 3D Virtual Event Platform to fully take advantage of virtual booths. She wanted to give equal opportunity to those students attending online. In the 3D Virtual Event Platform they can have their own avatars and that way enjoy the event.

This time Ms. X chose to have a subscription model because she wants to continue her partnership with AVAINET. Along with the fact that she plans many more events for her university.

Open day set up

Provision and upload of materials

Ms. X has provided logos, materials, PDFs, presentations and videos from companies participating in the virtual job fair. Each company has its own virtual booth where students can stop by and familiarize themselves with perhaps their future employees.

Set up of representatives

All exhibitors (companies) are identified in advance. The materials are uploaded, checked and finalized with the assistance of AVAINET team.


On the landing page of the virtual event, there is a registration form. Since the virtual job fair will be in the 3D format all attendees are advised to make their avatars during the registration process.

Online presence

The University should use their own branded hashtags and encourage each student to use them on all their social media platforms. This way companies will be more incentivized to participate in the virtual job fair.

 Event trial


Before the actual event, there is a trial run with the AVAINET support team. Exhibitors and guest speakers are required to join and test the environment. Last-minute changes are also available.

Trial objective

The objective of the trial run is to make the whole virtual job fair run smoothly. Each exhibitor and speaker must be set up according to the schedule. If there are any technical issues, they are fixed in a timely manner.

Live event

During the virtual job fair, AVAINET Live Support Team is available to assist. Instructions during the event are always available. The only thing that students need to take care of is networking with their future employees and polishing their CVs for interviews. Interviews are available in real time in one-to-one meeting rooms.

Post analytics

The University keeps track of the number of students that attended the event. Moreover, how many interviews each student had, how many succeeded in landing a job and more. This is extremely important because it showcases the success of the virtual job fair.

End of Event:

The university is satisfied with the response rate and the number of students that attended the virtual job fair as much as the on-site part. The big enrolment outcome resulted in many students getting desired jobs and starting great careers.