Virtual event challenges and advice how to avoid them

Virtual events are a great way to host events, especially on a global scale. Why? Because they are easy to set up, sustainable, user friendly and you only require Internet and a browser to participate. During the pandemic, most companies speed up their developing process to introduce the product to the market. However, that meant that some backend issues were not optimized and some frontend issues created challenges for users.  

These challenges were acceptable in the beginning of 2020, the companies were forced to use tools that were available. But now in 2022, the expectations are higher and virtual event platforms need to resolve all these challenges. From the event provider there should not be any challenges which means educating users on proper usage of the platforms. Users also need to be aware of issues that might appear from their side and their VPN and devices. Holding virtual events comes with many other challenges and we will discuss some in the following text. 

Technological expertise: 

Since virtual events are more than just a scheduled virtual meeting, they require some technical knowledge and expertise. For example, if your audience is using the 3D Virtual Event Platform some instructions might be needed. Because it is an immersive environment, older generation or some not so tech-savvy users might need some additional help.  

For other technological challenges, some users might need to get Technological Support from the IT department. Usually this requires assistance in clearing cookies, enabling the camera and sound functions or clearing the cache.  

Moreover, as an event host you must have full IT support during the virtual event. The reason is because for some people virtual events are still a completely unknown territory and every event platform differs. If you decide to go with AVIANET, we can offer you full attendee support during the virtual event. Also, we make sure that we customize the whole virtual event according to your needs and make it extremely user-friendly. 

Attendee engagement: 

The first and probably the biggest challenge is the attendee engagement. The fact is, people are constantly spending more and more time on screens than they would prefer. So, it can be difficult to keep them enthusiastic about virtual events in general. On the other hand, there is a solution for this problem. Virtual event platforms providers have noticed this challenge and updated their platforms accordingly. They have created more interactive auditoriums, more features and networking options with gamification. 

With mentioned platform improvements, the attendee fatigue also depends on the event planner. Event planer or the host needs to organize more interactive sessions. The audience should not be passive in the sessions and bluntly listen to event speakers and panelists. The event organizer needs to include live Q&As, games, quizzes or surveys to engage the audience. It is important to show appreciation for attendee’s feedback and evaluations. Moreover, the attendee feedback is useful for your data analysis afterwards and organization of future events. 

Meaningful networking: 

During some virtual events, it is hard to establish and experience meaningful connections among attendees. The reason is because some virtual event platforms did not consider the importance of different networking features for hosts and attendees. Their virtual environments lack the opportunity for interaction. It is extremely important to encourage attendees to network with each other and create meaningful relationships. 

Some of mentioned virtual events end up being plain live streams and attendees end up only staring at their screens. The real benefit of virtual events can be the ability to connect with each other.  

For example, in our company, AVIANET team can prepare a customizable booth where attendees can download any needed information. This way they have the opportunity to get all information for their next projects, collaborations or products. The booth representative is available for chatting, video call or a regular call to network and share more information. Among those features, attendees have the option to know how to contact all companies included in the virtual event. Good matchmaking between companies and attendees equals satisfaction for everyone. 

Data collection and analysis: 

Many event planners have the opportunity to collect a lot of data during the virtual event. However, the problem is that they don’t know how to utilize that data later.  

The great thing about virtual events is that you can see which sessions are most popular and which ones attendees liked the best. Also, you can collect attendee comments and feedback and so much more. This data is beneficial during and after the event. With live analytics you can manipulate your virtual environment and instantly change features that are causing confusion or issues. On the other hand, with post-event analytics you have the end feedback and you can improve your future virtual events. 

Difficult Integration: 

Many companies use various virtual event platforms for hosting their virtual events. Trying out different platforms is good until you find the one that fits you and your brand. However, this process can be challenging from the perspective of administration and data collection. 

It is better to hire an all-in-one platform because that platform is not only a regular virtual event platform. They are everything you need to plan your virtual events without any hassle. Having a unified management for your virtual event greatly decreases the cost of virtual event. Not to mention planning, marketing and post event analytics are all done at the same place. 

Final thoughts: 

Now that we have mentioned the biggest challenges and solutions of virtual events. We want to leave you with some final thoughts. Before planning any virtual event, make a list of your goals. This way, you won’t be lost in all the details, documents and modules. With the right plan you can expand your audience, monetize business opportunities and make great business deals.