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AVIANET Webcast is designed in a way to provide the most engaging experience to organizers, speakers and their attendees, regardless of their location. The scalable system ensures that your Webcast will run smoothly, no matter how many people are attending the event. In addition, it is a great solution to bring remote meetings together making it ideal for large and small organizations with number of audience that varies.

First Webcast layout, cameras and videos on the left and interaction on right
Second Webcast layout, focus on cameras and videos
Third Webcast layout, camera and video in the center and interaction on sides

All-in-One Webcast

As a fully online live broadcasting product, with both audio and visual features, Webcasts offer content sharing opportunities for an unlimited number of participants. Organizers have the option of setting up Webcasts on their own or our team can do it for them including uploading all materials, appointing one moderator and creating a speaker schedule.

Each user needs registration to enter the event and that registration process allows organizers to be aware of participants interested in attending. At the same time, organizers have the option to learn more about their audience demographics and behavior and this way adjust the content accordingly to their target market.

AVIANET Webcast is an easy-to-use, secure and scalable platform that enables organizers to reach unlimited number of viewers, with up to 30 speakers. Whether you are looking to share an important message, have a training session or simply entertain your audience, Webcasts deliver interactive online events that connect people on a global scale.

To provide attendee engagement and success of the event we have integrated Q&A feature, chat designed to share private or public messages, option to download materials (videos, PDFs, brochures or presentations), and language selection feature for an international audience as well as live interpretation and more. If any questions appear or if users need help to navigate the event, our AVIANET Team of experts is available to support when needed.

Why choose AVIANET for your Webcasts?

Our Webcast is accessible with web browsers and no extra downloading and setting up is needed from attendees.

Engage your audience with real time responding to their questions, connect and share thoughts using the chat, while the attendees follow the speaker list, download materials and prepare their queries.

Not only are Webcasts cost-effective but they are also sustainable, flexible and adjustable to any client and their requirements.

Attendees can join from anywhere in the world with different devices and actively participate during the event.

Webcasts are suited for any kind of an internal or external events; trainings, product demonstrations, customer onboardings, seminars, corporate communication, strategizing sessions and more.

Organizers have the ability to communicate timely messages, drive action, connect with remote audience and use event analytics to learn and strategize for the future.

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