2D Virtual Events and their Benefits

Virtual events provide unique and customizable variety of elements specifically designed for your event. Virtual events are gaining in popularity because they conceptualize the ease of online events versus in person events; each module can be adjusted to your needs. In addition, technical live support during the event is guaranteed. Afterwards, there is thorough analytics and additional information of your events is provided with the purpose of assisting you in your further endeavors.

The first benefit of choosing virtual events over in-person events is the possibility of having an unlimited number of participants. Attendees can network with each other during the whole event, they can collect business cards, share materials and download materials if they wish. Next, your attendees have a chance to earn points and collect rewards during the event and this boosts their motivation and engagement even more. Later, the survey evaluations of your participants will help us with our after-event analytics to provide details and instructions of improvement or change.


The benefit of hosting virtual events: 

What makes 2D virtual events possible is the strong technology. Event platforms deliver packages where you have all your needs meet in one place. The most beneficial thing about many platforms is that you are not required to have any knowledge or skills beforehand to create an online event or to attend the event, event platforms are made user-friendly as much as possible. The platforms are user-friendly because participants can interact via text, video calls, chats, polls or participate in a Q&A section. You won’t need a 3rd party service to jump in to deal with technicalities. To add, the platforms are fully scalable and adjustable to any size or purpose of the event.


2D event modules: 

Now that we have established the most important benefits and characteristics of 2D Virtual Event Platform (VEP) it is time to further elaborate modules that we are offering. Firstly, there is the Event Hall where you will have a representative icon purposed for giving more guidance for your attendees. A multi-language interpretation is available for usage because AVIANET wants to support multi-cultural environments and make sure that no one is left out due to language barrier. A search feature is implemented to help you distinguish who you are looking for to network with and where you should head next. It helps you search for attendees, exhibitors, use matchmaking service and more. Next, the Exhibition Hall serves as a showcase for various presentations, brochures and PDFs the company wants to portrait. There are multiple booth options that help you see what the company is about along with banner stands. At banners stands you can download files that are of interest to you. The engagement possibilities are enormous. One on one meeting room is where private conversations are held, here you socialize and network with other participants. Virtual Roundtable is a bit more intimate because it allows up to 30 participants. You have a whiteboard for notes, so it is easier to negotiate or establish common ground with attendees. On the other hand, Live Auditorium is for larger crowds and it allows live videos, presentation sharing, screen sharing and streaming. The number of participants is unlimited. The On-demand auditorium provides the option to watch pre-recorded presentations and videos. Lastly, we have Live Panel Discussions which allow up to 30 panelists presenting the content to an unlimited audience, the purpose is to have a proper Q&A where everything is clarified and explained in detail.


Additional features of 2D Virtual Event Platform: 

Through the whole 2D Virtual Event Platform participants have the option to live chat via text, video or call. The chat box feature allows attendees to download company’s business cards that they are interested in, so they can connect later. Another addition to the platform is that users can send a notification to an offline attendee that for some reason has not joined the event.

Another extra feature that our platform provides are the VIP meeting rooms. It allows users to have a conversation one on one, one to many or to have multiple hosts. Every participant can schedule, edit and delete their meetings. Hosts and participants are speaking via live video streaming and everyone can download brochures, presentations, PDFs, videos or business cards if needed.

Each event can have additional features which you can choose from and everything is customized to your specific needs. You have a language selection which allows you to change language if needed. A Leader Board which motivates attendees to participate, they collect points and earn rewards at the end of the event. You can also receive notifications during the events, so you don’t miss out on anything important.

As previously explained, all the features that AVIANET offers help provide detailed after- event analytics. Analysis of the event allows us to gather information about the event, user activity and statistics important for the client.

To conclude the only thing that we need from your part is a few technical requirements. That would be to have a suitable browser (it can be Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge or Safari) and a stable internet connection. Next thing is to provide your company materials such as presentations, videos, PDFs, images and so on. Let AVIANET take care of the rest and enjoy your future events!