Advantage of virtual tours in tourism industry

The COVID 19 pandemic has limited people to a large extent. They could not travel for long period of time or if they could travel, they were restricted to a great degree. The pandemic has also caused big losses to the tourism industry, but there is a way for tourism to sustain.

In this particular case, the key term to familiarize yourself with is virtual tourism. Virtual tourism is an immersive experience of any location, activity or destination around the world which can come to life through technology. It is linked to virtual reality through 3D technology, audio and video narration, various images and so on. 

Advantages of virtual tourism:

The first advantage is that viewers can experience various global destinations from the comfort of their homes. They won’t be travel expenses limitations, flight or hotel availability and safety concerns. When it comes to travelling, majority of people are bounded by cost constrains and virtual tourism provides the opportunity for accessible “travelling” to everyone.
Virtual tourism technology does not take away from real in-person tourism experiences. The technology is more precise and interesting than a simple brochure or a website.It increases the probability that viewers will want to visit in-person in the real locations.
The immersive technology drives imagination and wishful thinking. Not to mention the ability to see the destination from 360-degree angle and all aspects can be showcased in high resolution. This technology is extremely beneficial for showcasing museums, attractions or hotel and restaurant interiors.

Examples of virtual tourism:

Many cities and destinations around the world have immersed in the 3D technology because of promotional benefits they gain.
There are many real-life examples that have already been tested and proved to be very beneficial for the tourism industry:
There is a live virtual walking tour of old town Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is live streaming for an hour and it takes you around the streets of Dubrovnik. While taking the tour you learn about the magnificent architecture, stories and history about the town. You can see some well-hidden local spots that you might not see in-person. Also, you can have a local guide from the comfort of your home.You can see more information about the tour on
During the COVID 19 pandemic, the Faroe Islands created a virtual tourism campaign to give people alternatives to travelling because of many restrictions. The idea was to provide international people the ability to explore the Faroe Islands through the eyes of the local people. It was achieved through immersive 3D technology.

Another example is Dubai 360, which is a virtual tourism guide of the city from the bird’s-eye perspective. This technology offers you the chance to learn about all important and interesting locations in the city. You can see and explore hotels, attractions, restaurants, and real estate.

Hotel virtual tourism trend:

Before offering virtual tours of your hotels, you must ask yourself who is your target audience? What makes your hotel stand out among competitors? What do you want to highlight from your hotel amenities? Answers to these questions will form your virtual tour content.
There are many types of guests staying at each property, so virtual tours create an opportunity for custom made offerings for travelers. Use innovative 3D technology to highlight the uniqueness of your hotel and inform your guests at the same time.

The future of tourism industry:

Tourism industry must have a profitable and innovative way to bounce back from unpredictable times and to be resilient in general. This is where virtual tourism becomes a key aspect because it builds excitement and it offers solution for numerous destinations. It provides precise information and details so people can further explore their vacation options. Also, it is a great platform for people around the world to share their culture and learn about other people’s culture and heritage.

When it comes to virtual tours in tourism industry, the sky is the limit. You can customize your offerings and hire locals to be tourist guides. Give people the chance to get to know touristic destination from the comfort of their home and then accordingly plan their travels in the future.