How to create appealing booths for Virtual Events?

Since many companies are pursuing virtual events for numerous reasons, the biggest related issue is how to stand out amongst multiple competitors. Take for example a virtual job fair, how will your company’s booths thrive, be more appealing and eye-catching? How will you attract more potential employees or customers?

We hope that after reading this blog, you will find helpful tips you can implement and pursue as a business strategy for your next virtual event.

One of the key things to do in order to stand out amongst other companies is branding. Even the logo of your company should be a part of immersive experience for your customers. Encouraging interest in the company’s logo needs to be the beginning of your marketing story. You should provide extensive information, so attendees of the event can familiarize themselves with your brand.

Even prior the event, you should “get yourself out there” by social media presence so attendees are already aware of your company, you can do this even with email marketing and newsletters.

Booth components:

Your booth must be the guide for your audience and it has to showcase all of your company’s offerings with the help of brochures, images, videos, PDF files and chat function. Chat function gives you the chance to network with your attendees and communicate more with them either in private or in group.

A good objective is to host virtual games connected to your booth to boost engagement amongst attendees. Another suggestion is to plan giveaways and treasure hunts, because everyone likes to receive presents and this will very likely enhance your company’s image.

Another essential component is hosting live demonstrations of your products/services and then afterwards having a Q&A session to clarify any dilemmas. The Q&A session should be done immediately after demonstrations/presentations so interested customers don’t have to wait long to get their answers and more information. The overall goal should be to provide value and to engage customers as much as possible.

Tips for engagement:

Next, people love to feel appreciated and they like to network with each other. Encourage your audience to be present on social media and give them the option to post pictures or videos about your company event, maybe even using branded hashtags. You can also capitalize on network connections by making an official Facebook or LinkedIn network page.

Once someone has visited your booth, connected with the representative and asked open-ended questions to gain insight and instructions for further virtual events; they will qualify as potential leads and your company will prosper in terms of sales.

Sometimes with in-person exhibitions, potential leads might have visited your booth, but you didn’t get the proper chance to interact with them. With virtual events and virtual booths, you can take the opportunity to connect with those attendees even afterwards.

With the feature of visit logs, you are able to access the information on who has visited and who has interest in your booth. You are able to follow up with those attendees in multiple ways (such as email or provided social media info), you can contact them straight away. Engage with this lead, ask them about your booth, but the questions need to be open-ended so you can collect as much insight as possible. Do not send automated messages for everyone, each potential lead needs to feel special and their message should be personalized according to their interests. This approach might take longer, but you will reap more benefits in the future.


Above mentioned suggestions were crucial for each booth during any virtual event, but there are some objectives you can take depending on the nature of the event.

For example, the gamification process, because fun and friendly competition can incentivize engagement amongst attendees. There are numerous games you can play, but the most logical one would be quizzes (Kahoot for example) and then incorporate lead boards and maybe some treasure hunt prizes at the end. Having lead boards will boost competitiveness and probably the network effect between attendees.

It is known that winning increases dopamine, this is the body’s happy hormone. So, receiving a prize after winning will definitely increase the dopamine levels and in turn attendees will most likely talk positively about your virtual booth. Suggestions are prize roulette wheels or social media contests.

Final Thoughts:

Whichever path you decide to take in creating an appealing virtual booth experience, make sure your attendees feel engaged. Otherwise, they will feel like they entered a dull online meeting. Let them do the talking but guide them in a way that creates benefit for both of you. Use the chat, Q&A or pool function and don’t forget to connect your virtual booth to all social media platforms. Social media is the key to appearing in trend nowadays and people like to keep up with new trends.