How to increase virtual event sponsorships?

Being able to find virtual event sponsorships for your virtual events is the quickest way to achieve the bottom line of your event. We will list all benefits of having a sponsorship package during your events. Still, you must have in mind that sponsors need to gain value from participating in virtual event sponsorships. Sponsors must see the value in your virtual event because if they don’t, they won’t be motivated to give you funding. 

The most important thing you can leverage for sponsors is your audience. Sponsors choose which virtual events to fund based on potential leads. Your virtual event must be an event where sponsors can raise their brand recognition. So, your virtual event needs to be a networking opportunity that works both ways. 

When it comes to offerings for sponsors during virtual vents, it is same as in-person events. The only thing different is the online environment used for the event, but the goals are the same.  Consider what you would offer at an in-person or on-site event and apply it to your virtual event. 

Some examples of common virtual event sponsorships offerings: 

  1. Sponsored sessions 
  2. Email marketing 
  3. Sponsors posts on the feed 
  4. Customized Virtual booths 
  5. Banner Ads 
  6. Gamification 

It is important to present the value and worth of your virtual event to sponsors. They must be convinced that your event is an opportunity for themselves and their business. Firstly, virtual events aren’t s time restricted as other event types. So, sponsors will have more time to showcase their logos, products and services during the virtual event. Plus, they will have more opportunities to make meaningful connections and network. Another great thing about virtual events is that the content is available on demand after the live event. 


Another crucial thing for sponsors is the data metric during the virtual event. Gathered data during the event is important for sponsors and their investment. This way, they know what is the return on investment (ROI) on your virtual event and it showcases their impact during the event. Some of those metrics are number of attendees, brand awareness, number of meetings held, survey results, social media reach and so on. 


Virtual Event Sponsorship ideas for your next event: 

1. Use virtual environments maximally 

Some multi-day virtual environments can have quite a hefty price tag, but they offer more sponsorship opportunities then in-person events. These environments can create a video game-like environment; including avatars and many other features that can incorporate sponsors. Attendees can walk around and interact with each other just like in on-site events. For virtual conferences, exhibitions and trade shows, sponsors can have their own customized booths or one-on-one meetings to promote themselves. 


2. Sponsor’s logos 

During the virtual event, sponsors can have their logos visible by attendee’s home screen. With AVIANET Virtual Event Platforms logos can be placed on multiple modules; Event Hall, Exhibition booths, meeting rooms and more. This opportunity will increase brand awareness – which can be confirmed by site traffic and click rates. 


3. Sponsored sessions 

Sponsors will feel more valued if you allow them to choose a session or content where they want to be mentioned. Logos can be included at multiple sites. The first one is at the bottom of the screen. Next, speakers can announce the sponsors’ name during their presentation speech to show appreciation and implement their logos on brandable areas of each auditorium. Another way is to have sponsored ads in between sessions or in the overall schedule of the event. 


4. Virtual event sponsorships office hours 

Potential leads are one of the greatest assets that can draw sponsors’ attention. You can offer them to host office hours for attendees through their own personal links. In this way they will be interested to collaborate with you because it brings value to their own brand. 


5. Email marketing 

Allow sponsors to send out email invitations or informative emails to your virtual event attendees. In this way, they can gather more potential customers and it benefits you because they choose to sponsor your event. 


Final thoughts on virtual event sponsorships:  

To sum up, there are numerous opportunities to have potential sponsors. The key is to offer them something that will benefit their brand and increase their brand recognition. However, at the same time provide you the sponsorships that you want. Reciprocal value creation with virtual event sponsorship is the goal.