Post Event Management Tips 


A lot of companies make the mistake of thinking that the work is done after the event. This is the wrong approach, because the real job of capturing appropriate leads comes after the event. That is why it is essential to follow Post Event Management Tips. It is about expressing gratitude to your attendees and the follow-up techniques to turn them into leads. This is the opportunity to gather everyone’s feedback and opinions. Collect data to use for your upcoming event and promote the success of your event on all social media platforms. 

Let us divide this into easy follow-up steps you must take after the event. 


Post Event Management Tips as Thank you Emails

One of the first Post Event Management tips, is to send out thank you emails to everyone involved in your virtual event. You must remember that the event wouldn’t be a success if your attendees didn’t show up and dedicate some of their time to your event.  

The emails can also have additional information about upcoming online events and announcements. Or maybe a video or pictures of the event they attended with a note that you hope to see again in your future events. 

The thank you emails also imply for the sponsors of the event. They are equally important as your attendees because they were the crucial part of making your event possible. 

Post Event Management Tips as After Event Review

After the event it is important to sit down and discuss with your team the outlook of the event. This gives you a chance for a fresh perspective of the event and useful feedback on what needs to be changed. During the review you should have objectives to obtain. Number one should be revision of the success of your event based on the goals you set previously. Look into your event data and brainstorm what can be done better next time. The second objective should be deciding what must be changed and why. It is useful to write these things down so the whole team has the same information to work with. Lastly, during the review it is important to motivate your team to keep working and be energised. 

Valuable feedback:

Good feedback comes from memory, so while everyone’s perspective of the event is still fresh, ask for feedback. This brings valuable information to the table. Customer satisfaction should be your number one priority and that is why feedback is essential. Especially the one coming directly from your attendees.  

After the thank you emails, you should send the following email with a short survey. The survey should consist of short and concise questions about the event. All attendees should receive the same survey so survey answers can be easily gathered and compared. Also include ratings of event aspects and objectives, so you know which elements need more improvement. 

Social media:

While most companies only use social media to market the event before its timeline. It is more important to use social media afterwards. Social media is a great platform to share your thoughts, pictures, videos, or comments about the event. It also gives the opportunity to share what other people might have missed. Social media is a great marketing tool and should be used accordingly. It is a platform where your team, attendees, or anybody else can share opinions about your event and give valuable feedback. 

You can even create your branded hashtag, so your events get recognised more easily. This slowly builds up your audience and creates a community that shares similar interests. 

Because you collected all your photos and videos in one place, you can create effective marketing tools with it. For example, you can create a highlighting reel that captures the best images from your event. This can be very effective in attracting future attendees to your event. 

After you have done all the steps above. You slowly create an ideal attendee profile and with that a whole community. Your data gatherings and social media presence showcases the exact way you should continue your marketing campaigns and what should be adjusted in your future events.