Smart Waste Management

Rapid urbanization and population increase have led to huge global waste which is expected to exceed over 4 billion tons. Lately, companies and various businesses are investing more of their time and resources towards Smart Waste Management. Now, we have to clearly explain what Smart Waste Management is. What are the benefits of your company joining this trend? How can AVIANET team assist you with these crucial global issues? 

In short, Smart Waste Management is any system that incorporates technology to make waste collection easier. This is where the Internet of Things is crucial (we have mentioned what this is in our previous blog topics). The Internet of Things helps monitor and track real-time waste collection. 

Since most people are leaning towards sustainable lifestyles, it is important that the companies they interact with are doing the same thing. Traditional waste management is no longer sufficient, so this is why smart waste management is an important step towards a better future. The key is to incorporate innovative technology to ensure smart waste management is efficient. 

Smart Waste Bins

If you decide to go in the Smart Waste Management direction, your company should start using smart waste bins, AVIANET team can help you plan a virtual event dedicated to this topic. 

The purpose of smart waste bins is to stop the unsuitable recycling of waste. Nowadays there are smart bins which use artificial intelligence to separate waste properly. They automatically recognize different waste and separate that waste into suitable compartments. Afterwards, the smart bin tracks its capacity and compresses the waste. The AVIANET team can plan and design a virtual event that fully shows the benefits of smart bins. It is important to showcase to clients how they can improve employee efficiency because they don’t have to worry about sorting the waste in their offices and so on. 

E-waste Kiosks

Next in that department are E-waste kiosks. People often get rid of their electronic waste in the wrong way and that can be very harmful to the environment. Therefore, many companies have started programs that take care of old electronic devices. Now, there is a company that created a smart e-kiosk that recycles old electronics. What is so incentivising about them is that you can exchange your old devices for cash if they are not broken. This is where the AVIANET team can step in. As you are aware, AVIANET can design customisable booths during virtual events. Why not try to recreate an E-kiosk to demonstrate to attendees how it works? You can also add presentations or videos with further explanations. 

Waste Sensors

Thinking of installing waste sensors in your offices or homes? These devices help monitor the situation with waste. Collection services then receive data on how often they need to come for pick-up. This greatly helps with public containers because they won’t be overfilled. 

AI Recycling Robots

If you wish to take recycling a step further, there are AI recycling robots. We all know there are huge recycling waste centres, and it takes a lot of time to separate waste by human force. So, with the help of Artificial Intelligence waste separation can be a lot faster. Robots are designed to identify, monitor, sort and recycle waste. This is beneficial in environmental, financial and time management ways. It also reduces the need for a human workforce.  

Whichever step you decide to take in your waste management endeavours, the AVIANET team is here to assist you along the way. AVIANET can be your voice for ensuring a better future for everyone. Take the initiative to ensure a sustainable lifestyle and let the AVIANET team be your partner and guide.