Influence of Industrial Metaverse in Travel and Tourism

Once facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel and tourism industry is now on the path to recovery. As the sector faces transformation, new trends emerge, and innovative technologies take centre stage. Among them, the industrial metaverse stands out as a game-changer, reshaping operational technology and revolutionizing various aspects of travel and tourism. […]

The Ebb and Flow of the Virtual Event Platform (VEP) Market

As we wrap up the year, it’s been a wild ride looking back at where we started and where we are now. Remember the days when virtual events were the unsung heroes keeping us all connected during the peak of the pandemic? Well, they’ve become more than just a temporary solution; they’ve evolved into a […]

Powering Up Your Virtual Events: The Gamification Revolution

A successful game should possess these essential ingredients, functionality, competitiveness, and rewards. When you conduct a virtual event, the key necessity is to make it fun and engaging. According to Dimitrievski, M. (2023) in Gaming Statistics – TrueList 2022 about 41% of the world’s population plays video games or considers themselves gamers. The estimated gaming […]

Event ticket pricing

Of course, an ultimate goal for any event is to sell as many tickets as possible. Nevertheless, it cannot be just any price of the ticket. The goal is not to breakeven, but to make a good earning. If you sell your tickets for the event for too low, that can set the event as […]

Virtual event platform rise

Virtual event platform is an essential tool in today’s fast-paced and global business environment. Such platforms can be used for various use cases, including conferences, workshops, webinars, tradeshows, and more. As a result, many industries have incorporated virtual event platforms into their business DNA to maintain stability and sustainability. In this blog, we will explore […]

How to choose the right Virtual Event Platform?

For some companies the decision to switch to virtual events is hard and they need guidance through the transition and finding the right virtual event platform. In recent research conducted, over 50% of companies say they lack the skills to plan a proper virtual event.  The switch to virtual events has become increasingly popular, but it […]

Virtual Event Budgeting

Budgeting a virtual event is nowhere near budgeting an in-person event. While in-person events focus mostly on logistics and venue, virtual events are about the software or virtual event platform investments. Virtual events are mostly about finding the right resources for achieving specific event goals.  First, establish the virtual event goals and then make a […]

Hybrid Event Checklist before launching 

Since hybrid events consist of both online and in-person elements. They are the hardest to plan. All Project managers working on planning a hybrid event should have a checklist by their side to ease the process. We want to help you plan out your events more efficiently, so this is the checklist that we at […]

Success of Virtual/Hybrid events?

Virtual and Hybrid events have created new opportunities for data analytics. An event analysis provides in-depth information about event attendee participation, audience engagement and much more. The data gathered is used for measuring the success and engagement factor of Virtual and Hybrid events. For example, most common Virtual/Hybrid event analytics are related to attendees’ attendance to […]

Misconceptions about Virtual Events 

Even though virtual events proved to be successful through time, some people are still dubious about them and have misconceptions. Sometimes virtual events can be intimidating because they are using technology in a new way. For some people they are a part of the unknown and it is something new for them. Some people don’t […]

Virtual Trade Shows

We have all learned and witnessed that during the pandemic, the majority of events transferred on virtual platforms. The same practice goes for trade shows or now virtual trade shows. Trade shows are usually done in-person. However, as they focus on networking and acquiring potential leads virtual platforms enhance those characteristics. Typically trade shows happen […]

Host virtual events and receive quality leads

In the beginning, it is important to establish what is lead generation and why are leads important. Lead generation is a process that enhances visibility, credibility, engagement or interest from a specific target group (leads). By focusing on lead generation, you establish more traffic from high-quality prospects. In other words, you generate more revenue and […]

How to create appealing booths for Virtual Events?

Since many companies are pursuing virtual events for numerous reasons, the biggest related issue is how to stand out amongst multiple competitors. Take for example a virtual job fair, how will your company’s booths thrive, be more appealing and eye-catching? How will you attract more potential employees or customers? We hope that after reading this blog, […]

Strategies on how to promote Virtual Events Platforms (VEPs)

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased desire to host virtual events. Hence, the competitive rivalry between Virtual Event Platform (VEP) providers. The key to success in the VEP business market is a unique online event marketing strategy. The strategy must increase engagement among attendees and develop a larger network for future events. […]

What is a 3D virtual event and how to host one?

Today many companies, institutions and businesses are investing their resources in 3D Virtual Event Platforms.  The following text will provide clarification. What is a 3D virtual event? 3D virtual events offer full immersion in customizable 360° online environments. Attendees can personalize their Avatars and interact with others seamlessly. Numerous modules and features allow for personalized […]

2D Virtual Events and their Benefits

Virtual events provide a unique and customizable variety of elements specifically designed for your event. VVirtual events gain popularity as they illustrate the ease of online events compared to in-person gatherings; you can adjust each module to suit your needs. Plus, we guarantee technical live support throughout the event. Afterwards, there is thorough analytics and […]